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Ninshou and the Sennin

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"Intriguing, mysterious, and absorbing"

"The author manages to absorb the reader into the same status as Ninshou: that of an apprentice. In this manner, the reader learns how imposing the Sennin's ideas are, as they are based on facts that only an immature fool would deny. And so, every reader may deny until the separation between reality and their ideas becomes irreconciliable."

  - Fausto Marmol-Marquez

Short paragraph from the book:

"Here are Three Undeniable or Supreme Truths for you, with a capital ‘T’ on Three and on ‘Truths’: Number 1: ‘Everything changes’, that is the Supreme Truth of Mutability. Number 2: ‘Everything is everything’ – that is the Supreme Truth of Interdependence and Interrelatedness. Number 3: ‘To live is to overcome’ – that is the Supreme Truth of Life as dealing with and attempting to overcome adversity. There you have it – the Three Undeniable or Supreme Truths."

  - Shodai Sennin J. A. Overton-Guerra