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Broken Arrow: The End of Western Liberal Democracy

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Brief Review:

"I really love it! It's rare and refreshing to hear someone with a clear enough voice to put all of those feelings into words that inspire change, but he's really amazing at it!"

- Joy Calfee

"I'll say it's the type history that need to be taught in public school so that everyone from childhood up will have the basic understanding of the affects Slavery in America and around the world that involves Africans can be brought full circle and normal human decency can return."

- Samuel Blake


"There is also ‘us’ – ‘we,' ‘our’ – in reference to my people. I am an ethnically and racially diverse person. My people are Black Americans; we survived the Middle Passage, slavery, reconstruction, the Black Codes, the KKK, public lynchings, mutilations, and the old and the New Jim Crow. My people are Jewish; we survived the Spanish Inquisition, the European pogroms, and the Nazi concentration camps. My people are Native Americans; we survived the Trail of Tears and the mass genocide and dispossession of British-American colonization. My people are Hispanic; we survived famine, untold violence and social repression promoted by Spanish colonialism, American imperialism, and fascist dictatorships sponsored and supported by American foreign policy. We are a diverse group, but we have something in common: no matter how we arrived here, regardless of our present circumstances, we have no other place to go. America is the ‘last stop’ for us – which means our backs are up against the proverbial wall. Keep that image in mind, for when your back is against the wall, it means that you have nowhere to go but forward – by whatever means necessary. And in doing so, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. ‘We’ will not sit idly by and allow the dark side of our respective histories to repeat themselves."

  - Shodai Sennin J. A. Overton-Guerra