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Mandated Report

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Critical Acclaim:


"Epic - a work unlike any other. Brutally honest, paradigmatic and grand. The rare book that will change the way you look at America."

"Seemingly radical on the surface, and at its heart scathing, righteous and powerful, Mandated Report, volume I is a probing and insightful exposé of exactly what is wrong with America. Beneath a facade of equality ("liberty and justice for all") and opportunity ("The American Dream") lies an underbelly of greed steeped in centuries of racism, elitism, and corruption. In America you only get as much justice as you can buy: equality in all its forms, be they social, economic, cultural, judicial, or racial, is only for those with the right amount of money and the right color skin. But such iniquitous subjugation comes at a great cost - for treating others as less than human has a dehumanizing effect on the self. Ultimately, Shodai argues, America the empire will crumble because it lacks anything at all resembling a clear or cohesive social conscience. And our fall from grace isn't just unavoidable - it's as imminent as it will be absolute, because we are either too (willfully) ignorant, too self-involved, or too self-narcotized to see it.
       And yet another layer deeper, beneath the righteous indignation and profound historical-political-psycho-social-cultural analysis, lies the faintest glimmer of hope. But first we must ask ourselves: "do we have the type of government we want?" - for Shodai affirms that we already have the type of government we deserve.
       Some readers may disagree, and many will no doubt be offended, but none can deny the power or significance of this unique and awesome work."

- James Alexander Overton V, BS Stanford University, Senior Systems Engineer

"Mandated report is raw, just as the facing of survival for minorities in this country. Radical, i will prefer realistic, the true face of the United States revealed at last, proving the perception of society unmasking the capitalist system and it's manipulations for the prevailing of the status quo. Every chapter is a transportation of the past that will make you wonder and realize the made of the history exposed until now, history of the past that continues to the present of our existence, continuing with the hipocresy and manipulation of the media and information creating an ilusion in the mind of the citizens for seek of truth and justice, for the voice of united freedom. It shows the desperation of segregation, the frustation of powerlessness, distress from poverty, contempt and anger that causes steal an identity, from the fields to prisons, from the streets to the social system, from the brainwashing institutes called themselves education classrooms, to the courts and their perversion of moral and integrity. Mandated report goes to the throat and remind us what is choking us as a nation in a goverment system that look us with scorn and it's rotten philosophy with only one color in mind "green", it remind us that freedom is earn, it show us that once you know, once you learn, once you understand nothing will remain the same, Mandated report it's not a simple book, it's about someone that stood firm and still standing for inalienable principles, it's about defiance, it's about selfdignity, it's about truth, it's not just a cause it's a demand, it's not about vengeance it's about clash of cultures and minds liberation, it's about all of us, that is why i dare to say that WE are Mandated report."

- Gustavo Garcia