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Broken Arrow: The End of Western Liberal Democracy

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"This book will make every person question their own culture, their own worldview, and their own concept of what is sacred. For this very reason most readers will attempt to deny the facts presented in the book. This is, of course, useless, since denial has never brought progress to the world, especially dogmatic denial of facts. The best we can do is to try to learn from it as fast as possible and apply it to our personal lives and surroundings."

  - Fausto Marmol-Marquez


"Like the imagination from where is emerges, the many misperceptions about culture come from a general lack of understanding of its true nature and what it really represents to a human being. Most people think of culture in terms of habits and customs, outfits and attires, songs and dances, foods and drinks, and of course languages and beliefs that characterize an identifiable group of people. These are all no doubt aspects of culture, but they are neither the most definitive nor even the most relevant aspects."

  - Shodai Sennin J. A. Overton-Guerra